About Grab N Go Tacos

Pepe the pepper—the red cartoon vegetable that appears on Grab N Go Tacos’ sign on Louetta Road—symbolizes what the restaurant is all about.

“It shows people: Come in, have a good time, get a drink and eat some tacos,” owners said.

Family owned and operated since opening in 2017, Grab N Go Tacos is serving innovative takes on Mexican classics made with fresh ingredients. Our family’s been in the restaurant industry for years, and that experience and our Mexican-American heritage inspired us to open our own restaurant where we could serve our own recipes. Now we’re able to offer the Houston area our unique items. All in a friendly and laid-back environment.

“The cooking is authentic Mexican but combined with Tex-Mex flavors so we can offer a full spectrum of food,”

Engaging with customers and meeting new people is one of owner’s favorite parts about transitioning into the restaurant industry because he said he now feels embedded in the community.

“I meet some people … and build relationships that I wouldn’t have been able to build like an engineer driving downtown every day,”

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Ashley V
Happy Client

Great spot, great tacos, great salsas! Ordered al pastor on corn and Baja shrimp on lettuce and both were great! Will definitely be back soon!

Bibil T
Happy Client

The first time I've been here, it was very good food. I liked it so much that I talked my family into trying it out.

Rosemary B.
Happy Client

This was my first time eating from this restaurant. I ordered them through Favor and my family was really really hungry. The food was excellent. I love street tacos.

Happy Client

I went here on my lunch break with my coworker. The tacos were delicious!! Definitely tastes authentic in my opinion.

Gustavo S.
Happy Client

This place was sooo good, definitely worth the review. The people that work there are friendly to new comers. There choices are great and prices are very reasonable

Tristan L.
Happy Client

I order from these guys all the time. The Yucatán sauce is one of my favorites. Consistent and delicious. I think they're a staple, one of the best Tex-Mex / Taco spots in my area!! The delivery is always fast and my orders correct! And you can never go wrong with their Tres Leches. Super good.